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I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Active Electric. We have been working with this company for approximately 3 years now. The service we receive from Brad and his crew is exactly what we need for our business. They are quick to respond to our needs. They are always at our jobs when they say they will be. And there have been countless occasions we have called them on very short notice, and they are still able to react to problems within the very same day. Working with insurance claims as we do, we encounter all different types of jobs big or small, complicated or simplistic. Active Electric is always there to help us trouble shoot whatever electrical issues we face, and to help us provide a sound opinion and recommendation to our insurance partners and home or business owners. I can honestly say our company would not be where it is at today, without the strong partnership we found with Active Electric. As far as working relationships go, Brad and his team at Active Electric are an example of one of our very best partnerships. We look forward to working with them in the years ahead and wish them nothing but continuous success in whatever future endeavors they encounter.

THANK YOU, Richard Schofer, for taking the time to share your experience and thanks Active Electric for truly showing you deserve the trusted status!



Tips About Common Circuit Breaker Issues

Active Electric are Trusted Regina Electricians and they get it right the first time, delivering all electrical services including installation, upgrade, and repair solutions.
Whether it’s hanging a ceiling fan, installing a custom-designed landscape lighting system, installing a state of the art home theater system or rewiring a commercial structure, or other electrical services, you can call Active they are here eager to help and no job is too small! Customer service is always their top priority and they should be your first call for a Regina Electrician!
Why Do My Breakers Keep Tripping?
There are a variety of causes that could trigger a circuit breaker. Some of these causes are fairly harmless but others could be putting your home in danger. For this reason, it is important to know the common causes of a tripped circuit.

Breakers can trip for a variety of reasons, and it is always important to know the cause of a tripped breaker. If your breakers are continuously switching, make sure that you contact an electrician. Some of the most common causes of tripped circuits include:
Overloaded Circuits
The most common cause of a tripped circuit breaker is an overloaded circuit. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when too much power is being drawn, as this can cause overheating and lead to a fire or damage all of the electrical devices plugged into the circuit. When something is plugged in that draws too much power or when multiple appliances are plugged in that overload the circuit, the breaker trips. If your breakers are tripping, check to see what is plugged in.
Problematic devices could include vacuums, air conditioners, space heaters, hairdryers, and corded tools.

Short Circuits
A short circuit occurs when a hot or live wire comes in contact with a neutral wire somewhere in the circuit. This usually occurs at an outlet, light fixture, or switch. Short circuits can be incredibly dangerous, as they create massive amounts of heat.
Short circuits are the most common cause of electrical fires.

Ground Fault Surges
Similar to short circuits, ground fault surges occur when two wires cross when they are not supposed to. When a hot or live wire comes into contact with a ground wire, the edge of the box, or any other grounded source more power than the circuit can handle will begin to flow through the system and a ground fault surge occurs.
If not handled properly, this can lead to electrical fires and electrocution, so a licensed electrician should always be called.
If you are ever uncertain about a potential electrical issue in you home please contact Active Electric and one of their qualified professionals would be happy to come out and take a look. They Also provide Free quotes!

ACTIVE ELECTRIC are TRUSTED REGINA ELECTRICIANS – Check out his listing here in REGINA ELECTRICIANS on the Regina Directory of excellence!

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